Our Story The Fenix Group and Our Mission

Fenix Group Our Story Then and Now

In 1979, The Sierra Company set out to answer the most complex application challenges in the specialty performance coatings industry. We developed leading-edge technology, building a reputation for solving problems no ‘off-the-shelf’ performance coating could touch.

In 2017, believing that bringing together the best in the business would allow us to solve even more complex challenges, Sierra began acquiring other top industry brands, each with their own longstanding reputations for innovative excellence. Once united, in 2018, Sierra became Fenix Group.

Fenix is a phonetic and Old French spelling of Phoenix. The Phoenix is a mythical bird that reaches a pinnacle in life and is then reborn, more powerful, and better able to face new challenges in order to achieve new heights of success. For the Phoenix, every cycle of growth begins with stepping out of what was and rising up from what has been, strong and vibrant, to break through previous limits and achieve greater goals. For Fenix Group, every acquisition allows our company to rise up, better than before, able to meet new challenges and rise to greater heights.

The fundamental nature of the Phoenix is rebirth.
The fundamental nature of Fenix Group is making the impossible achievable.

“Our core values are fundamental to everything we do, and we strive to provide unwavering support to our customers and to each other, working collaboratively in a team-centric environment, while operating with honesty and transparency.  Our goal is to have fun, while achieving success for our customers, our team members and our stake holders.”

— Ray Torres, Fenix CEO

Fenix Group Our Mission then and Now

Our Mission Fenix Group

Transform, Enhance, & Protect Surfaces.

The Fenix Group of Companies Vision

The Fenix Group Vision of the Future

We aim to be the industry’s most valued solution provider for coating systems.

What This Means… Fenix Group is designing the present, protecting the future, and making the impossible achievable.

When we say we are “designing the present,” we mean the products represented by each subsidiary brand is known to be the pro’s choice for specialty performance coating products in their market segment. Concrete, metal, stone, wood, glass, plastic — no matter what surface you want to protect and/or beautify today — when you choose a Fenix Group brand, you are getting the best.

Protecting the future is about longevity and durability. Fenix Group brand products have been safeguarding some of the most important projects in some of the harshest environments in North America for decades… Our line of top-quality specialty performance coatings delivers durability with every application.

“Making the impossible achievable,” describes our commitment to continued growth and innovation. While today’s products should stand the test of time, tomorrow’s technology should offer even better beauty and protection. At Fenix Group, we will not wait for “tomorrow” to arrive. Our research and development teams are actively designing and testing the specialty performance coatings of tomorrow today.

And, while superior product quality, matchless durability, and industry-leading innovation are the foundation of our vision, Fenix Group is also about growth. We remain committed to connecting the best brands in our industry.

Fenix Group offers brands the inspiration to dream bigger dreams, the resources to achieve more, and the vital relationships to create new opportunities. When a brand joins our company, we deliver the tools they need to accelerate growth and offer more and better options for their customers, while building on the vision and values that have driven their success. That is why we only seek out the best, most dynamic, innovative, and proven brands to join Fenix Group.

Like the Phoenix, these brands are born again, with a vibrant future, greater potential, and the resources they need to realize new possibilities and excel in a market that only accepts the best.

Our Trusted Values at the Fenix Group

Our Values at the Fenix Group

Dependability: Being reliable, consistent, and dependable to our customers, team members, vendors, and shareholders.
Team: A collaborative work environment, where teamwork and team members are valued.
Honesty: Transparency in our interactions with customers, team members, and all our stakeholders.
Fun: Creating an environment that encourages and embraces laughter and fun.
Achievement: Achieving success for our customers, team members, and stakeholders.

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