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News About The Fenix Group

Discover how Fenix Group is making the news, and keep up to date on the latest ways our innovative brands are creating new and better solutions to the most difficult challenges facing the specialty performance coatings industry. Get updates from our leadership team, hear more about our signature products, learn optimal techniques from industry pros, and explore new and better methods that will help you get even more
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Fenix Group and ChemSystems, Inc Join Forces in the Construction, Concrete and Decorative Industries

June 26, 2020

ChemSystems Inc., and Fenix Group are pleased to announce a strategic alliance, with the goal to leverage technology, manufacturing footprint and product offerings to the benefit of each company and our customers.  As part of this alliance, Chris Sullivan will join Fenix Group as VP of Sales for their Construction, Concrete and Decorative division.  Ray Torres, CEO of Fenix Group said, “we are extremely excited to develop a stronger relationship with ChemSystems, and envision this helping to fill some product gaps and offer our customers the most complete line of products for the construction, concrete and decorative markets.”  Jessica Davis, President of ChemSystems said, “Although we are sad to lose Chris Sullivan’s daily presence, we are confident that his talents and experience will assist with Fenix and ChemSystems growing to the next level, making both of us stronger in the marketplace.”

Chris Sullivan has been considered an expert in the decorative concrete industry since 2005 and has been a presenter at the World of Concrete since 2004 and the Concrete Decor Show since 2009.  Chris has published over 200 articles covering all facets of decorative concrete with a focus on explaining and solving common installation issues and has published 4 books dealing with trends in decorative concrete.  In 2015 he was the 19th member inducted into the Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame.

Fenix Group is an industry leader in providing coating solutions for the industrial, commercial, construction, concrete and decorative markets, with premium brands TK Products, SureCrete Design, Concrete Coatings, Sierra Company and Burke Industrial Coatings.  Headquartered in Minnetonka, Fenix has manufacturing locations in Florida, Minnesota, and Utah, and continues to seek complementary acquisitions in other parts of the United States.  For more information, please contact Ray Torres at 952-641-0751 (;; 114700 W. 47th St., Minnetonka, MN 55343.

The ChemSystems family of companies is family owned and operated since 1996 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.  They are leading suppliers of concrete color, decorative concrete admixtures and decorative overlay systems.  With on-site manufacturing, color matching and superior technical service, ChemSystems and its family of companies have become a leading choice for professionals when it comes to decorative concrete products.  For more information, please contact Jessica Davis at 713-329-9066 (;; 10101 Genard Rd., Houston, TX 77041.


Fenix Group News: Concrete Coatings Inc. Acquisition

Fenix Group Announces
Acquisition of Concrete Coatings, Inc.

February 28, 2019

Fenix is an industry leader in specialty high-performance coatings and concrete solutions for real-world challenges and has been focused on strategically acquiring premier brands to expand its manufacturing, sales and distribution footprint. CEO, Ray Torres, stated “CCI fits our strategic objective of acquiring strong brands, offering premium quality products, in areas where we are either not currently represented or are under-represented. CCI expands our product offerings within the construction, concrete and decorative concrete market segment, and gives us another manufacturing and warehousing location. We are extremely excited about CCI joining the Fenix family of brands.”
Concrete Coatings, Inc. ( was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Layton, UT. CCI has historically supported growth with its distribution partners through unapparelled quality, innovation and extensive product training. Alan Christensen, owner of CCI said, “We believe we found the right partner for CCI; this gives us the ability to expand our sales reach and product offerings. Our core values are very similar, which gives us great comfort for the ultimate benefit of our valued employees and customers. We look forward to the next step in this journey.”
Chris Franzen, VP of Sales and Strategic Accounts said, “Partnership with CCI allows us to fill several product and geographic gaps, while adding talented individuals to our pool of dedicated employees and partners in excellence. This is truly where one plus one exceeds two”.


Sierra Becomes Fenix Group News 2018

The Sierra Company Re-Brands as Fenix Group

November 1, 2018

Fenix Group Represents Four Powerhouse Brands in the Specialty Performance Coatings and Concrete Solutions Industries

The Sierra Company, which represents four of the most innovative and trusted problem solvers in the industrial coatings and decorative concrete industries, announced today that the company is rebranding as Fenix Group.

Ray Torres, CEO of Fenix Group, said Fenix Group is committed to growth and innovation focused on elevating what’s possible in the industry. “As Fenix Group, we will continue to deliver the excellent experience, superior technical expertise, and industry-leading innovation The Sierra Company customers have come to expect, while giving our subsidiary companies a better position in the marketplace and enabling each to deliver a higher level of service to a larger market.”

“Fenix” is a phonetic and Old French spelling of Phoenix, a mythical bird that reaches a pinnacle in life, and is reborn, more powerful, and better able to face new challenges in order to achieve greater heights of success. Like the Phoenix, the four powerhouse brands represented by Fenix Group — Sierra, SureCrete, TK Products, and Burke — will continue to operate independently while working cooperatively to break through previous boundaries and achieve greater objectives.

Sierra formulates innovative coatings that solve complex application challenges, pioneering leading edge technology for industrial coatings and OEM’s. SureCrete, inventor of Eco-Stain and other trendsetting products, continues to raise the bar and redefine what’s possible in the decorative and specialty concrete market segment. TK Products specializes in concrete surface treatments for commercial and residential applications designed to excel in the harshest conditions in North America. Burke develops earth-friendly high-performance coatings, including globally-recognized Silver Bullet AM, for the most demanding environments.

“Fenix Group is extremely proud of our stellar family of brands. Each brings with it a signature legacy and a proven history of meeting specific needs for their customers in the specialty performance coatings and concrete solutions industries. These Fenix brand properties have set the bar for quality, durability, innovation, and creativity in their market segments for decades. Now, united by Fenix Group, these brands offer a much wider range of options to meet the needs of our diverse and growing customer base,” Torres said.

Fenix Group — designing the present, protecting the future, and making the impossible achievable.


Sierra Buys Burke

The Sierra Company Acquires Burke Industrial Coatings

January 29, 2018

The Sierra Company, LLC (“Sierra”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of all business assets related to Burke Industrial Coatings (“Burke”). Sierra is a global leader in the specialty high-performance coatings and concrete solutions industry. By acquiring Burke, a leader in the liquid stainless steel and antimicrobial industrial coatings industry, Sierra has substantially increased the type and number of solutions the company can offer customers.

“We are excited about having Burke join the Sierra family of brands,” Sierra CEO Ray Torres said. “Burke’s technology, quality control, and customer support have brought global recognition to products including Allow Bond and Silver Bullet AM. Their signature technology is an outstanding complement to our high-performance coatings line.”

Headquartered in Ridgefield, Washington, Burke was founded in 1984 to develop high-quality, earth-friendly coating technology that offers matchless durability, even in the harshest environments.

Burke Industrial Coatings President Jim Harris said Sierra was “the right partner” for Burke. “We’ve been looking for a good partner for Burke over the years, a good partner to take the company to the next level while preserving the legacy we built. We believe Sierra is that partner.”

With the addition of Burke, Sierra now has four innovative, industry-leading brands within its portfolio: Sierra, TK Products, SureCrete Design, and Burke. Sierra Performance Coatings develops cutting-edge technology for industrial coatings and OEM applications, SureCrete Design is an industry leader in the decorative and specialty concrete market, and TK Products offers innovative air barrier and waterproofing systems that have made it a leader in construction and concrete coatings.


SureCrete Announces New Decorative Concrete

SureCrete Design Announces New Decorative Concrete

December 15, 2015

SureCrete Design Products expands its industry-leading line of innovative decorative concrete products with new products expected to revolutionize the concrete industry and make eye-catching decorative overlays and signature stain products more accessible than ever.

Not long ago, decorative concrete overlay products were only available via direct shipping from the manufacturer to a job site, or from fabricators or contractors that already had the products in stock. Now, thanks to SureCrete, these incredible and durable concrete overlay products are now available for purchase in every major city or metro area, ready when the customer needs them.

Thanks to SureCrete’s nationwide distribution, property owners now enjoy options that, until recently, were only available to architects and engineers for theme or amusement park designs. That means customers are no longer limited to granite, Formica, wood, carpet, or tile when they are shopping for cost-effective home décor and flooring surface options.

“Think about any look, style, design, or texture. If you can imagine it, SureCrete’s versatile line of thin concrete overlays, coatings, or casting can make it happen.” Jack Thomas, CEO SureCrete Design Products, said. “SureCrete’s specialty formulas and signature designs mean concrete is now the most customizable surface available today.”

This virtually unlimited customization is available at a competitive price point that is often less expensive than other traditional flooring options like carpet, tile, or wood; and, because it is concrete, much more durable.

SureCrete allows you to create a custom countertop without the full fabrication shop, and at a price point similar to high-end Formica or granite. Combine one bag of powdered concrete with one gallon of SureCrete’s specially-formulated liquid activator and you can create a custom countertop that is not only much stronger than standard concrete but also thinner than standard cast pours with a much smoother surface finish.

Customers interested in tinted concrete have never enjoyed easier access to such a wide variety of shades. Before SureCrete, custom-colored concrete paints had to be ordered directly from the manufacturer and shipped to the job site. Color selection was also very limited. Local distributors rarely stocked more than 15 to 20 shades. Now, SureCrete has placed custom tinting stations at distributors coast to coast, allowing people to create custom concrete paints for interior or exterior applications in a virtually unlimited spectrum of colors, while you wait.

Tinted epoxies to be used with unique, attention-grabbing epoxy metallic and flake coatings. Quickly and easily produce a multi-color, thin texture for any workshop or commercial floor, apply it in a few hours, and enjoy a glass-like surface with three-dimensions of color movement. Once again, all of this is available the same day at a very competitive cost. Just one more way SureCrete Design Products is setting the bar for the decorative concrete industry.