Fenix Group Helps Companies Grow

Fenix Group - Growth Through Acquisition

Fenix Group is actively seeking to acquire precision manufacturers of Specialty Performance Coatings, Concrete Construction and Decorative Products that share our commitment to meeting today’s challenges and inventing tomorrow’s solutions. As a member of the Fenix Group family, companies are better equipped and better positioned for market growth and profitability.

Fenix Group is focused on elevating what’s possible in the Specialty Performance Coatings, Concrete Construction, and Decorative Products industries. We understand the complexities that go into developing and marketing dynamic, signature solutions for these industries, and we are committed to delivering the resources companies in these segments need to accelerate their growth, while building on the vision and values that have driven their success.


Fenix Group Helping You Grow Your Business


At some point, every business plateaus. They hit a growth ceiling, face stiffer competition, or struggle to get a foothold in new markets. Their leaders understand the need to increase demand for their products, open new markets, and develop new lines of business. They may even consider toll blending, or private label options to increase manufacturing efficiency and cash flow while lowering some hard costs.

Most also realize they will not be positioned for growth until they increase their buying power, invest more in research and development, make better industry connections, and develop a more effective marketing campaign.

Even if these needs are addressed, they still face internal logistical limitations. Serving more customers, as well as manufacturing and shipping more units, while maintaining the reputation for service and quality that got them to where they are, will likely require staffing changes, updates to their management structure, revisions to standard operating procedures, new communication guidelines, and training for all team members to assure smooth and universal adoption of all changes in production, sales, distribution, and communication.

Many businesses understand these needs but lack the resources to accomplish these tasks and meet these requirements. As a result, the business struggles and the company stagnates. Their growth remains flat as the competition rises.


Fenix Group Company Buying Power

Fenix Buying Resources

Fenix Group offers resources companies need to meet these challenges
and develop solutions to any specific obstacles limiting their growth.
Fenix Group can help businesses:

– Expand into new markets and reach more customers
– Increase manufacturing facilities and capacity
– Enhance buying power
– Open new product lines
– Create private label products for mass distribution
– Connect to toll blending opportunities
– Partner with related businesses to increase product offerings
– Share the costs of manufacturing and distribution
– Secure private label opportunities


Fenix Group can also help brands develop their internal operations
necessary for growth, resourcing companies so they can invest in:

– Brand Development
– Product Marketing
– Management Restructuring
– Customer Service
– Staffing and Training
– Development of standard operating procedures and other internal communications

The Legacy of The Fenix Group

Fenix Legacy for Buying Companies


Of course, logistics and resources are not the only concern when a business owner
considers an acquisition. Protecting the brand’s reputation and legacy is also a priority.


Fenix Group, Simply Your Best Option

When you have worked tirelessly to build something you’re proud of, a brand that holds an important place in your industry and means something beyond “work,” you want to be certain that legacy will be protected and that reputation will be honored.

We understand the intangible factors which make a brand unique, just as we understand that many times, fiscal and logistical realities threaten to limit or diminish a brand’s reputation, legacy, and unique value proposition.


Has inconsistent cash flow limited your buying power? Do you have too many assets saddled with debt, restricting your ability to further invest or expand?


Have your sales plateaued? Are your manufacturing, warehousing, packaging, and shipping capabilities insufficient to meet growing demand? Have your current distribution resources or capabilities put a ceiling on your growth potential?


Do you worry about your market position and wonder if you have the resources to maintain or expand your business footprint? Is growing competition threatening your market share? Are larger or better-resourced companies pushing you out or siphoning away your customer base?


Are your staffing needs sufficient to manage your growth? Do you have the sales, accounting, logistics, leadership, and human resources teams in place, or do you need help in those areas to properly manage your growth?


Are your marketing and communications teams sufficient to protect your brand’s reputation in today’s
24-7, consumer media marketplace? Is your brand message consistent across all aspects of your business? Are you effectively leveraging all media channels — including traditional print and broadcast, as well as web, social, and digital — in order to protect your brand reputation, expand your name recognition, and enhance your market presence? Do you have a plan in place and a team capable of responding to a public relations crisis?

 If you answered “YES” to any of these questions,
The Fenix Group may provide the best solution for you and your companies needs.

Fenix Group SureCrete Success Story

Fenix Helped SureCrete Grow

Consider one recently-acquired Fenix Group brand, SureCrete. Founded in 1999, SureCrete developed a reputation for quality and innovation in the decorative concrete products and coatings industry. Through dedicated research and development as well as manufacturing nearly all its products in-house, SureCrete enhanced or improved leading solutions, and invented entirely new products, including Eco-Stain and other trendsetting options that continue to raise the bar for the entire industry.

Acquired in 2017, SureCrete has benefitted from Fenix Group’s logistical and marketing resources, as well as association with complementary Fenix Group brands including TK Products. Better positioned to compete in the market, more connected with complementary and collaborative brands, and supplied with greater resources for research, development, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing, SureCrete is now poised to scale its business more efficiently and profitably.

In addition, SureCrete’s brand legacy has been protected, and its dedicated employees have been well provided for. The company continues to operate independently while enjoying the benefits of expanded resources and profitable associations.

Fenix Group Acquisition Details

Brands considered for the acquisition will have a reputation for technical innovation, product quality, and superior customer service. Those that complement our existing brands and offer adjacent new product categories, as well as companies with proprietary systems, protected intellectual property, and unique solutions to shared challenges will be given highest priority.

To be considered for acquisition, companies must also meet the following criteria:

– S.I.C.C. Choices (ex. www.sec.gov/info/edgar/siccodes.htm )
– Codes: 2851 (paints, varnishes, lacquers, etc.)
– 3272 (Concrete Products)
– 2891 (Adhesives and Sealants)
– Current Revenue Targets: $1M-25M
– Targeted EBITDA: Greater than $500K
Geographic Focus: USA


If your company meets the above criteria, and you are considering the possibility of selling that business or a specific brand or income stream within that business, fill out the form below to begin discussing a potential acquisition transaction.